Mosquito Squad school project to resume activities

26 October 2017

Vector Control Unit of Collective Prevention Services (CPS) brings awareness

In the aftermath of hurricane Irma and Maria, vector control will be one of the most important aspects that we need to consider when preventing any outbreak of arbovirus. This week the vector unit of CPS resume their activities with the Mosquito Squad school project to bring awareness to the children, so that they can convey the message to their parents.

The School Mosquito Squad Pilot project initiative, a partnership between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Health, recognizes the school environment as an important area to the success of a healthy school environment. This includes the physical environment of the school and school grounds.
After the family, schools are the most important places of learning for children;
They have a central place in the community.
Schools are a stimulating learning environment for children and stimulate or initiate change.
–Schools can also influence communities through outreach activities, through their students, schools are in touch with a large proportion of the households in a community.
We strongly believe that thru school education on the biology of the mosquito & knowing the different stages of the mosquito's life cycle will help them to prevent mosquitoes around the school grounds and eventually at their homes.
Increasing teacher's & students’ knowledge about health and disease prevention should therefore be part of the story to bring behavioral change in preventing mosquito breeding sites in the community, collectively helping the community to minimize mosquito population.
For more information on vector control and the eradication of mosquito breeding, the schools and public can contact CPS on 542-1122/ 542-9925/ 542-1570.